IMG_3504Aiken Antiques & Uniques is one of Aiken’s most exciting and inviting antiques shops. As you enter through the doors of AA&U, you will be met by a warm and friendly staff that share the same passion as you. They are there to assist you and answer any questions you might have, and they will also be happy to let you simply journey through our 7,000 square foot store and experience all the fun it has to offer.

Our hopes are that as you enter our store, you are swept away into yesteryear, into a time when life was simple and true craftsmanship took our breath away.  We hope that you are awed by an eclectic blend of the old, the new and the unusual.

We are certain that you will find Aiken Antiques & Uniques just different enough to set us apart, to make you feel like you’ve found your new favorite place to shop.